BOS Warehouse also offers commercial distribution. Under BOS Transport’ – a BOS’ Global Logistics company, we are able to deliver of full and less than container load shipments within the State of Florida. In order to provide premium service, BOS Transport has a diverse fleet of line equipment:

Chasis, Flatbeds & MORE

We develop and plan out the necessary logistics to move your goods and meet all your full transload trucking and warehousing needs via flatbeds, less than truckload (LTL) or full truckloads.

Special equipment

From forklift to crafting and packaging. Ask us what you need and we'll help you to have the peace of mind you deserve. We'll take care of your loads.

Overweight Permits

With our knowledgeable and experienced team of dispatchers and drivers, our specialized fleet of trucks are fully equipped and permitted to haul your overweight cargo legally and safely