Serving the Miami and South Florida area, BOS Warehouse is an accomplished and experienced Container Freight Station.

What is vital for you?

 BOS Warehouse can simplify the complex process of freight shipping with our industry leading process and proven solutions.

BOS is our delivery partner for our distribution business for both Port of Miami to Warehouse.
We have our dry food stock in BOS Warehouse since the beginning of 2016. All I can say is that, BOS Warehouse Management and Staff have proved to be extremely efficient in everything they did for our business.

What is a container freight station?

A Container Freight Station also commonly called a 'container terminal' is a legal extension of the U.S. customs port of entry inspection and review station.

The fundamental reason for a Container Freight Station is to decrease clog inside of the port. U.S. customs performs investigations and examinations inside of the port office. The products are then exchanged to a confirmed Container Freight Station where they might experience control or are put away while anticipating pickup by the proprietor, in this manner decreasing the time the cargo is in the port.


 From goods that come in pallets to luxury cars.

Bos Warehouse also offers storage and trans-load solution, in our 90.000 square feet facility, for your luxury vehicle. Your vehicle will be safely secured for it's careful delivery to your desired destination.


  • Prime location
  • Enclosed luxury car transportation 
  • 24/7 high security
  • TSA Certified 

Let BOS Warehouse manage all of your business’s import/export functions with competitive pricing